Axonius has a  team of ambitious, hard-working, and driven people taking on the biggest challenges in IT and security today.
 A platform that correlates asset data from existing solutions to provide an always up-to-date inventory, uncover gaps, and automate action to control complexity.

Without an accurate understanding of what’s in your environment, everything else suffers.

But IT and security teams struggle to manage a complex sprawl of devices, users, cloud services, and software. And traditional approaches to compiling an asset inventory are manual and error prone.

So in 2017, after years in the Israel Defense Forces’ Unit 8200, our co-founders came together to solve that age old problem.

Axonius correlates asset data from existing solutions and provides an always up-to-date inventory, uncovers gaps, and automates response actions.

We give IT and security teams the confidence to control complexity by mitigating threats, navigating risk, decreasing incidents, and informing business-level strategy — all while eliminating manual, repetitive tasks. 

With Axonius, IT and security teams can move away from reactive, disruptive day-to-day firefighting to focus on the bigger picture.