Security, Surveillance & Access Control

Bahar & Partners have integrated solutions with leading technology vendors to  provide a variety of technology solutions that caters to security, access control and surveillance. We were the first to market with a wide range of solutions that were COVID 19 compliant

Access Control

From  digitally activated turnstiles to face / thermal scans activated door panel access, we have a range of solutions that are designed to work seamlessly. Our  solutions team will build the most robust platform your business needs demands

Thermal Imaging

We have a range of thermal imaging solutions that range from  COVID-19 compliant screening requirements to applications in firefighting or law enforcement. There are  multiple solutions that we can deploy to meet your need. 

Surveillance Technologies

Our security and surveillance solutions group provides options that monitors and alerts users to possible theft, break in , vandalism.  Click on the inquire now button to get our team members to call and find how we can help. 

Security & Surveillance

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