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Banking Payment & ID Solutions in Kuwait

Retail banking customers demand fast and convenient access to banking services; this also means being able to provide our customers with a new card as soon as they need it. We work closely to achieve customer delight when it comes to secure issuance of cards and related products.

Our solution enables you to manage an account, create a card with embedded microprocessor chips that store, and protect cardholder data.Set up the rules, manage limits, and issue a ready-to-use card in a few minutes.

“With over 40 years of partnerships with global leaders in digital banking, digital payments, and issuance systems, Al-Bahar & Partners (BPC) has been a forefront provider and the first choice to leading Banks in Kuwait such as the National Bank of Kuwait and Gulf Bank of Kuwait. Our mission is to support the digital transformation in Kuwait, and to enhance the public experience as we move forward to a more digitalized world. Al-Bahar & Partners (BPC) is bringing to Kuwait market the most recent digital payments solutions and issuance systems that support convenient and secure modern customer experiences”.

Banking & Payment

We help banks and financial institutions in Kuwait manage their  banking and payment services. There are multiple payment methods for digital and physical transactions that we have implemented in Kuwait with the help of our partners.  

Government ID's

We work closely with government agencies to provide software solutions in identity management, for example, civil identity, biometrics, driving licenses, law enforcement, and so forth.

The Internet of Things

Our products are at the heart of connected industrial IoT devices from smart energy to car infotainment. Our IoT solutions provide two critical IoT components: reliable cellular connectivity and robust IoT security.

Mobile (A Touch Away)

Since the start of GSM, we have brought trust to the mobile ecosystem by authenticating users and devices to mobile networks. We have solutions that work with telecom operators to make the transition to eSIM solutions, providing enhanced connectivity, and trusted digital ID solutions.

Banking Solutions​

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