Nexus Solutions

Nexus is a European leader for identity and access software solutions. Our mission is to secure society by enabling trusted identities for people and things.

Nexus develops a range of security products that form the Nexus Smart ID platform. Through the Smart ID solution, we enable companies worldwide to issue and manage the lifecycle of trusted identities for their workforce, workplace devices, and for the internet of things. The Nexus Smart ID platform empowers implementation of a smooth, automated, and governed environment for secure and trusted identities.

With presence across Europe and Asia, we have dedicated development centres in Sweden, Germany and India.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Nexus is a part of the French group of companies IN Groupe. IN Groupe offers state-of-the-art global identity solutions and secure digital services, integrating advanced electronics and biometrics technologies.

Smart ID to secure your Workforce/employees

Trusted identities are fundamental to the modern enterprise. It enables digital business and establishes unique identities for persons within the organization, enabling use cases such as sign and encrypt email, two-factor authentication, digital signing of documents, Windows login, access buildings, and single-sign-on.

Smart ID to secure your Workplace Devices

Simplify and automate the lifecycle identity management of your workplace device such as machines and servers, dev ops servers, mobile devices and networking devices, by taking advantage of ready-to-use workflows, automation and self-service functionality. Manage trusted identities from external CAs in the same platform where you manage your own PKI. 

Smart ID to secure your IoT Devices

With billions of things connecting to the Internet, the challenge is how to address security, privacy and safety, and where to get started. Nexus helps you to protect all types of smart devices by issuing and managing certificate-based, cryptographically secure and unforgeable identities for IoT devices and applications, so that you can secure their communication and avoid hijacking.