A capacity-optimized, all-flash NVMe storage array for Tier 2 applications that leverages QLC flash to deliver flash performance at hybrid economics


·         FlashArray//C Specifications
  Capacity Physical
//C40 Up to 1.6PB/1.4PiB effective capacity** 3U
Up to 482TB/438TiB raw capacity 97.7 lbs (44.3Kg) fully loaded
  5.12” x 18.94” x 29.72” chassis
//C60 Up to 8.9PB/8.1PiB effective capacity** 3U-9U
Up to 2.3PB/2.1PiB raw capacity 97.7-185.4 lbs (44.3-84.1 kg) fully loaded
  5.12”-18.94” x 18.94” x 29.72”